The wine Cantina Renzo Zanasi was born from a passion for the land and the work of three generations. It all starts at the beginning of the twentieh century when, as a child, Renzo was helping his family in farming and winemaking. The need to earn his daily bread soon became a great passion for their land followed by the desire to experiment with new productions of wines.

The grapes from the residual contribution to the landowner, a valuable asset to the small farm of Renzo Zanasi, was trasformed with great sacrifice and resourcefulness into the excellence of its wines. The vine elm tree inthe diagram gives way to the trellis diagram and the vats and presses, that Renzo was known to use after school are today replaced by autoclaves.

The small winery is moved to the side of the family house, extended and joined to the Agriturismo Zanasi. The idea of tasting wines matched to local tasty dishes with products acquired from his own farm.

This is how the Company Farm Renzo Zanasi was born and developed through three generations; consisting of his son Giordano and his grandson Giuliano, enterprising heirs of a tradition and know-how of values transmitted by the still confident Renzo Zanasi.